• Who is  Anita Johnson?

    Founder, Host, Instructor and Queen Bee

    " Sometimes it's just easier to do the hard stuff with others"

    About me

    I am non-math whiz, designer techy artist who enjoys teaching technology for over 20 years. I worked on budgets as a Product Designer on Microsoft Money to my own personal budgets from pen & paper. spreadsheets, to Quicken to the latest online tech like YNAB (You Need a Budget) I've also worked it from the emotional and spiritual side of money. Abundance, debt, a little or a lot. I understand and relate to the angst and difficulties surrounding money. Whether it's tracking or planning technical or emotional.

    A Beautiful Budget Bee was created so that women can have fun together exploring using money and techie apps.

    Why Community?

    Being a part of a small community has been a big part in my beautiful budget journey.
    Knowing I am not alone.

    Hearing others strengths and struggles, setbacks merged to victories helps remind me I am not alone.
    And when I feel like I haven’t succeeded at all-- the community REMINDS me of my victories.

    We have a long shared history.
    Learning and growing together.
    The results are awesome. Not just for me but because I get to see the victories.

    It reminds me that we are one and that together we can do it. Even if alone, we could not.

  • Char

    Business Entrepreneur

    Anita's ability to assess each individual users needs and then provide coaching and guidance is valuable, beyond words. Her passion to help you see the value in YNAB comes through when she helps you have those "lightbulb" break through moments.

  • Raqhelle

    Recent College Grad & Business Woman, Entreprenuer

    Amazing teacher and support

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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations on tech, money, budgets, websites and Inspiration

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  • We are a Circle of Friends


    1 on 1


    (Group & DIY)

    We are creating a community of women to support one another to create and maintain our budgets. Women working together to plan for and take care of our money. For our present and future best life

  • 1 on 1 +
    Helps you Set it Up 

     and Take Time Out
    to Care for your Money

    You are invited to be a part of "the Bee"

    I get it.
    Budgeting takes time.
    Let's make it fun!

    It's a lot less time when you have some help.
    and... It's funner with us.
    It's worth it.

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  • Courses+

    1. Sometimes it's just easier and faster to get Step by Step help.

    2. Having a budget will transform your finances

    3. Explore, learn and grow -
    through Courses, Inspiration, one on one instruction

    4. Community

    Community helps things done

    When doing our budgets in the Bee;
    One, we actually get it done.
    Two, it's just plain more fun!

    Create a beautiful budget builds your best life and your bank. It gives you freedom to retire with dignity. The ability to spend money while having clarity and peace of mind that that the important things are covered


    The plan is for our community to be thoughtfully designed, easy, fun, and productive.

  • Community
    A Beautiful Budgeting Bee Community

    Below are a couple of ways you can get to know us and invest time in your financial future.

    We are in Beta and there is currently no charge for the Community or Events. 


    You are welcome to request an invitation to join.

    Click on the Join button, answer a few questions and once your request to join is approved
    you will have access to all that is in the community,
    Courses and Events like the Bee & Tea Party below

    Visit Our Private Community

    • You can get Budgeting information
    • Courses
    • Conversation
    • Inspiration 
    • and more

    Join us for a Budgeting
    Bee & Tea Party

    • Work on your own Budget
    • Don't have to have on Camera
    • Write Notes in Chat!
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